About CNHS

Cambridge Natural History Society was founded in 1857 as Cambridge Entomological Society. See Our History’ for more about how it was formed and about its archives.

It is an unincorporated association run by a Council of about 16 active members. The Council normally meets three times a year, in January, April and September and there is often a Conversazione planning meeting. 

If you have items that you think we should discuss at Council meetings, please contact the President. 

CNHS Rules The Society’s Rules were updated in February 2022.

It is open to everyone interested in Natural History, regardless of whether they are ‘Town’ or ‘Gown’, academic, professional or just enthusiastic.

CNHS data protection policy 

Benefits of membership

Key contacts

President: Harriet Allen
Vice-Presidents: Duncan Mackay, Kevin Hand, Jonathan Shanklin
Treasurer: Simon Mentha
Secretary & Publicity Officer: VACANT
Programme Secretary: Monica Frisch
Membership Secretary: Hilary Pounsett
Botanical Recorder: Charles Turner
General Recorder: Jonathan Shanklin
Zoological Recorder: Toby Carter
Archivists: Monica Frisch and Henry Tribe
Council members: Sandra Chapman, Richard Dowsett, Anita Joysey, Paul Mardon, John O’Boyle

AGM 2022 papers

Details of the AGM to be held on 11 May 2022 and papers for it can be found here.

June 2021 AGM reports

Membership Secretary’s report June 2021
Programme Secretary’s report June 2021

June 2020 AGM reports

These files are for members only and password-protected. They open in a new tab.

Treasurer’s Report June 2020
Membership Secretary’s Report June 2020
General Secretary’s Report June 2020
Publicity Secretary’s Report June 2020
Programme Secretary’s Report June 2020