CNHS Diary 2022

All events subject to confirmation and pandemic restrictions. Many talks are still online. Please confirm with the organisers – links in list at end of diary events.

Cambridge Flora Group and CNHS field meetings are subject to whatever guidance is in force. Advance booking may be required for some meetings to ensure that appropriate social distancing can be maintained. Please keep your distance from others during the meetings, which you attend at your own risk.

If you wish to have your events included in the CNHS Diary please send them to events [at]

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January 1 – CNHS New Year Plant Hunt meet at 1pm outside West Door of Great St Mary’s

January 11 – Froglife talk Amphibian identification and ecology Emily Millhouse

January 18 – CPPF winter tree walk at Wandlebury

January 20 – HFFS talk title to be announced

January 27 – CNHS talk details to be announced

January 31 – CWT talk Future Wildlife Brian Eversham

February 3 – CNHS talk details to be announced

February 10 – CNHS talk details to be announced

February 17 – CNHS talk details to be announced

February 17 – HFFS talk title to be announced

February 24 – CNHS talk details to be announced

February 28 – CWT talk Discovering dormice Gwen Hitchcock 

March 3 – CNHS talk details to be announced

March 10 – CNHS talk details to be announced

March 13 – CNHS field studies The Backs

March17 – CNHS talk details to be announced

March 19 – CFG Fenland churchyards

March 24 – CNHS talk details to be announced

March 26 – HFFS AGM

March 28 – CWT talk Uncovering species’ ecology with novel surveys Silviu Petrovan

March 31 – CNHS Cambridge Festival talk Ulf Buentgen

April 10 – CNHS field studies

April 24 – CFG excursion

April 25- CWT talk King’s College Wildflower Meadow Cicely Marshall

May 10 – CFG Histon set-aside

May 19 – CNHS field studies

June 18 – CFG excursion Stanground Wash

June 23 – CNHS field studies

July 21 – CNHS field studies

July 24 – CFG excursion

August 3 – CFG excursion Guided Busway

August 28 – CNHS field studies

September 4 – Ickleton area

September 25 – CNHS field studies (galls and lichens)

October 1 – CFG excursion

October 23 – CNHS field studies (fungi)

November 27 – CNHS field studies (bryophytes)

Abbreviations, with links to the organisations’ websites where details of events can be found: 
ARUWS – Anglia Ruskin University Wildlife Society
BDS – British Dragonfly Society
BioSoc  – CU Biological Society
BSA – British Science Association, Cambridgeshire
BSBI – Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland
CBG –  Cambridge Bryological Group
CBC – Cambridgeshire Bird Club
CBKA – Cambridgeshire Beekeepers’ Association
CCF – Cambridge Conservation Forum
CFG – Cambridgeshire Flora Group.  Meetings mostly start at 10am
CGS – Cambridgeshire Geological Society
CLG – Cambridge Lichen Group – contact Louise Bacon.
CNH – Cabinet of Natural History seminars
CPERC – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Environmental Records Centre
CPPF – Cambridge Past, Present & Future  Booking is usually required
CPS – Cambridge Philosophical Society
CUMS – CU Mycological Society
CUNS – CU Nature Society
CUWCS – CU Wildlife Conservation Society
CUPS – CU Physics Society  
CUSS – Cambridge University Scientific Society
CUVZS – CU Veterinary  Zoological  Society.
CVF – Cam Valley Forum
CWT – Cambridge city group of the Wildlife Trust
FoLM –Friends of Logans Meadow
FRRFD – Friends of the Roman Road and Fleam Dyke
FoCB – Friends of Cherry Hinton Brook
FoSC – Friends of Stourbridge Common
Froglife – Froglife
HFFS – Hunts Flora and Fauna Society
LNR – Local Nature Reserve.  These events may require booking..
SCFG – South Cambs Fungus Group
RC – Rivercare
RSPB – Cambridge RSPB local group
SHNH – Society for the History of Natural History
TC – Transition Cambridge
WT – other Wildlife Trust events