CNHS Diary 2020

Many events have had to be postponed or cancelled in 2020. But some are reappearing online. Please check with organisers.

December 30 – CBG excursion CANCELLED due to Covid-19 restrictions

ARUWS – Anglia Ruskin University Wildlife Society
BEE – Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution Seminars, 4pm Zoology part II lecture theatre.
BioSoc  – CU Biological Society
BSA – British Science Association, Cambridgeshire
CBG –  Cambridge Bryological Group
CBC – Cambridgeshire Bird Club
CBKA – Cambridgeshire Beekeepers’ Association
CCF – Cambridge Conservation Forum
CFG – Cambridgeshire Flora Group.  Meetings mostly start at 10am
CGS – Cambridgeshire Geological Society
CLG – Cambridge Lichen Group – contact Louise Bacon.
CNH – Cabinet of Natural History seminar
CPERC – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Environmental Records Centre
CPPF – Cambridge Past, Present & Future  Booking is usually required
CPS – Cambridge Philosophical Society
CUMS – CU Mycological Society
CUNS – CU Nature Society
CUWCS – CU Wildlife Conservation Society
CUPS – CU Physics Society  
CUSS – Cambridge University Scientific Society
CUVZS – CU Veterinary  Zoological  Society.
CVF – Cam Valley Forum
CWT – Cambridge city group of the Wildlife Trust
FRRFD – Friends of the Roman Road and Fleam Dyke
FoCB – Friends of Cherry Hinton Brook
FoSC – Friends of Stourbridge Common
HFFS – Hunts Flora and Fauna Society
LNR – Local Nature Reserve.  These events may require booking..
SCFG – South Cambs Fungus Group
RSPB – Cambridge RSPB local group
SHNH – Society for the History of Natural History
SS – Cambridge Sustainable City events
WT – other Wildlife Trust events

PAST EVENTS Diary listings for 2004 and onwards can be found here.

January 1 – CNHS field study, Coton Countryside Reserve
January 1-4 –
BSBI New Year Plant Hunt
January 2 –
CNHS New Year Plant Hunt around The Kite
January 8 –
CNHS Council meeting
January 12 –
CBG excursion to Monks Wood NNR
January 13 –
CGS talk, Jonathan Busby on Is UK geothermal about to become of age
January 16 –
CNHS talk, Ruth Hawksley on Chalk streams in Cambridgeshire
January 19 –
CBKA talk, John Whittles on Red Mason Bees and other solitary bees
January 20 –
CNH seminar, Peter Bowler on Home and colonial wildlife literature around 1900
January 23 –
CNHS talk, Mark Collins on Floreana, Rebirth of an island in the Galapagos
January 25 – CBG excursion to Panshanger Park, Hertford
January 25 – 27 –
RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch
January 27 –
CNH seminar, Tamara Fernando on Seeing like the sea: The pearl fishery of Ceylon as maritime assemblage 1799-1925
January 27 –
CWT AGM & talk, Brian Eversham on Wildlife recording in changing times
January 30 –
CNHS talk, Stephen Tomkins and James Moss on The Kingfishers Bridge Nature Reserve

February 3 – CNH seminar, Sarah Qidwai on Decolonising history of evolutionary biology: A perspective from 19th century India
February 6 –
CNHS talk, Richard Dowsett on the Harrold-Odell Country Park
February 9 –
CBG excursion to Bassenhally and Kings Dyke
February 10 – CGS talk, Alex Copley on Earthquakes, water and rise and fall of mountain ranges
February 13
– CNHS talk, Martin Davies on Lines in nature and the landscape
February 14
– CNH seminar, Jonathan Saha on Monkeys and modernity in colonial Myanmar
February 17 –
CNH seminar, Chris Manias on Fossils in the Fayum: Biogeography and colonial palaeontology in the 1900s
February 20
– CNHS talks, Three Mammals by Peter Pilbeam, Jo Chesham and Carole Baber
February 22
– CBG excursion to Little Widgham and Plunder Woods
February 24
– CNH seminar, Laura Brassington on Darwin and the dog breeders: On correspondence and class in 19th century Britain
February 24
– CWT talk, Anne Miller on Eradicating Floating Pennywort on the Upper Cam
February 27
– CNHS talk by Sophia Upton on Alternative plastics, grass and worms
February 29 –
CBG excursion to Dersingham Bog

March 2 – CNH seminar, Chris Wingfield  on Unicorn hunting?  Ontologies and collecting in early 19th century South Africa
March 5 –
CNHS talk, Mal Faloon on The wonderful world of fossils, gems and rocks
March 7 –
CBKA seminar on Bees, forage, pollination and sustainability
March 9 –
CNH seminar, J’Nese Williams on Building authority: Botanical workers in the British Empire, 1770s to the 1820s.
March 9 –
CGS talk, Daniel Field on The origins of avian biodiversity
March 10
– CVF AGM and talk, Kye Jerrom on Life in the Cam
March 12
– CNHS meeting, film Natura urbana by Matthew Gandy
March 14
– CBG excursion to Salome and Hamerton
March 19
– CNHS talk, Paul Mylrea on Seasearch.  This talk is POSTPONED until the autumn.
March 21
– CNHS field study, Coton Countryside Reserve
March 22
– CFG excursion to south-east Cambridgeshire churchyards
March 22
– CPPF Wildlife day at Wandlebury cancelled
March 26
– CNHS talk, Stuart Dainton on A trillion trees? cancelled
March 29
– CBG excursion to Bassenhally Pit and King’s Dyke Nature Reserve. cancelled
March 30
– CWT talk cancelled

April 3 – 4 – CNHS Conversazione cancelled
April 4 – FRRFD AGM and talk, Ros Aveling on Linking Cambridge chalk grassland sites cancelled

April 23 – CFG excursion to Sawston Hall cancelled
April 25 –
BSBI field meeting, Coton Countryside Reserve postponed
April 26 –
CNHS field study, Coton Countryside Reserve cancelled
April 27 –
CWT talk cancelled
April 30 –
CNHS AGM and Presidential Address on Cambridge Dragonflies postponed

May 11 – CGS talk, Neil Davies on Life and sedimentary environments
May 23 – CFG excursion to Kings Dyke Nature Reserve
May 27 –
CNHS field study, Coton Countryside Reserve

June 8 – CGS talk, Daniel Field on Birdwatching through geological time
June 17 –
CNHS Nature in my neighbourhood walk, Chesterton St Andrew’s
June 24 –
CNHS field study, Coton Countryside Reserve
June 25 – 26 –
Society for the History of Natural History summer meeting and AGM Postponed to June 2021
June 28 –
CFG excursion
July 23 –
CFG excursion to the Guided Busway
July 25 –
BSBI Elms meeting, Cambourne
July 29 –
CNHS field study, Coton Countryside Reserve

August 8 – CFG excursion to Dimmock’s Cote quarry
August 23 –
CNHS field study, Coton Countryside Reserve

September 19 – BSBI Cotoneaster meeting, Cherry Hinton
September 19 – 20 –
CU Bioblitz at the Botanic Garden
September 20 –
CNHS field study, Coton Countryside Reserve September 25 –  CNHS Council meeting (online)
September 26  – CFG excursion to Great Shelford meadows
September 28 – CWT talk, Lauren Gardiner on the Cambridge University Herbarium – POSTPONED

October 10 – CFG excursion to Newmarket
October 17 – CNHS fungal foray, Cambridge Botanic Garden
October 18 – CNHS field study, Coton Countryside Reserve (fungi)

October 22 – CNHS talk, Roy Atkins on”Highland wildlifeONLINE
October 29 – CNHS AGM and review of the year ONLINE

November 9 – CGS talk, Neil Davies on “The relationship between life and sedimentary environments” ONLINE
November 12 – CNHS talk, Helen Moore on “Poisonous plants – A question of degree” ONLINE
November 15 – CNHS field study, Coton Countryside Reserve (bryophytes) POSTPONED

November 19 – CNHS Council meeting ONLINE
November 23 – CWT talk, Mark Hill on “The NatHistCam project” ONLINE
November 26 – CNHS talk, Hamish Symington on “The Science of Pollination” ONLINE
November 28 – CBG excursion to Brampton Wood POSTPONED

December 6 – CNHS field study, Coton Countryside Reserve (bryophytes) Members only and restricted to a small number of people
December 8 – Save the Cam: Feargal Sharkey leads a debate on how to save our rivers ONLINE
December 10 – #AnnualFoodAgenda event, Give bees a chance! ONLINE
December 10 – CNHS Seasonal NatHistFest ONLINE
December 13 – CBG excursion to Bottisham Hall PROVISIONAL
December 14 – CWT talk, Guy Anderson on “Turtledoves” ONLINE
December 14 – CGS talk, Doug Robinson on “The Making of the Mendip HillsONLINE