CNHS Diary 2021

All events subject to confirmation and pandemic restrictions. CNHS outdoor events are going ahead and while currently booking is not required it is helpful if you can let the organiser know if you plan to come. Please confirm with the organisers – links in list at end of diary events.

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December 13 – CGS talk The Geology of the Lower Cam and Wicken Vision Area Dr Steve Boreham

December 13 – WT talk 25+ years of amazing wildlife in & around Cambridge (without really trying) Iain Webb

Abbreviations, with links to the organisations’ websites where details of events can be found: 
ARUWS – Anglia Ruskin University Wildlife Society
BDS – British Dragonfly Society
BioSoc  – CU Biological Society
BSA – British Science Association, Cambridgeshire
BSBI – Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland
CBG –  Cambridge Bryological Group
CBC – Cambridgeshire Bird Club
CBKA – Cambridgeshire Beekeepers’ Association
CCF – Cambridge Conservation Forum
CFG – Cambridgeshire Flora Group.  Meetings mostly start at 10am
CGS – Cambridgeshire Geological Society
CLG – Cambridge Lichen Group – contact Louise Bacon.
CNH – Cabinet of Natural History seminar
CPERC – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Environmental Records Centre
CPPF – Cambridge Past, Present & Future  Booking is usually required
CPS – Cambridge Philosophical Society
CUMS – CU Mycological Society
CUNS – CU Nature Society
CUWCS – CU Wildlife Conservation Society
CUPS – CU Physics Society  
CUSS – Cambridge University Scientific Society
CUVZS – CU Veterinary  Zoological  Society.
CVF – Cam Valley Forum
CWT – Cambridge city group of the Wildlife Trust
FoLM –Friends of Logans Meadow
FRRFD – Friends of the Roman Road and Fleam Dyke
FoCB – Friends of Cherry Hinton Brook
FoSC – Friends of Stourbridge Common
Froglife – Froglife
HFFS – Hunts Flora and Fauna Society
LNR – Local Nature Reserve.  These events may require booking..
SCFG – South Cambs Fungus Group
RC – Rivercare
RSPB – Cambridge RSPB local group
SHNH – Society for the History of Natural History
TC – Transition Cambridge
SS – Cambridge Sustainable City events
WT – other Wildlife Trust events

PAST EVENTS Diary listings for 2016 and onwards can be found here.

2021 past events
January 1 – CNHS field study, Trumpington Meadows (New Year Plant Hunt) CANCELLED due to covid-19 restrictions
January 3 – CFG New Year Plant Hunt, Cambridge CANCELLED due to covid-19 restrictions
January 9 – CBG excursion to Pampisford Hall UNLIKELY due to covid-19 restrictions
January 14 – CNHS Council ONLINE
January 24 – CBG excursion to Whittlesey, Kings Dyke NR – UNLIKELY DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS
January 25 – CWT Matt Hayes on ‘The history of wildlife: engaging audiences with museum collections’ and AGM – ONLINE
February 2 – TC talk Jeremy Purseglove ‘Working with Nature’ – ONLINE
February 4 – CNHS talk Rosie Bleet ‘Bees, bee conservation and bee roads’ – ONLINE
February 9 – Friends of the River Cam talk Kim Wilkie ‘How to save the Cam’ – ONLINE
February 11 – CNHS talk Chantal Helm ‘Monitoring bats at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden’ – ONLINE
February 18 – CNHS talk Cicely Marshall ‘King’s College Wildflower Meadow’ – ONLINE
February 21 – CBG excursion to Harlton clunch pit – CANCELLED
February 22 – CWT talk Ed Turner ‘Good crop, bad crop – can oil palm become more sustainable?’ – ONLINE
February 25 – CNHS talk Paul Hoxey ‘Botanical explorations of Haiti’ – ONLINE
March 2 – TC talk Stephen Tomkins ‘Safeguarding our local water resources’ – ONLINE
March 4 – CNHS talk Steve Head ‘Wildlife gardening: myths and realities’- ONLINE
March 6 – CBG excursion to Croxton Park – SUBJECT TO GOVERNMENT ADVICE
March 11 – CNHS talk Joshua Harris ‘Bringing back beavers’ – ONLINE
March 14 – CNHS field study, Trumpington Meadows – SUBJECT TO GOVERNMENT ADVICE
March 18 – CNHS talk Steve Boreham ‘Wild Reach – wildlife conservation at the Fen edge’ – ONLINE
March 21 – CBG excursion to Monks Wood NNR – SUBJECT TO GOVERNMENT ADVICE
March 25 – Public Policy Exchange webinar Protecting British Pollinators: Addressing Long Term Threats to Bees and Pollinators
March 25 – CNHS talk Kevin Hand ‘Wildlife and development: is there sufficient protection?’ – ONLINE
March 25 – CVF talk and AGM A national chalk stream restoration plan
March 26 – 4 April – Cambridge Festival see
March 27 – BDS spring conference see
March 29 – CWT talk Stuart Newson ‘Calling in the dark – developing tools and infrastructure for large-scale acoustic monitoring of wildlife’ – ONLINE
March 30 – CFG excursion to SW Cambridgeshire churchyards – SUBJECT TO GOVERNMENT ADVICE. NUMBERS LIMITED. Must book
March 30 – TC talk Tony Juniper ‘Nature recovery’ – ONLINE
April 10 – CBG excursion to Hayley Wood – SUBJECT TO GOVERNMENT ADVICE
April 11 – CNHS field study, Trumpington Meadows – SUBJECT TO GOVERNMENT ADVICE
April 12 – CGS talk The First Day of the Cenozoic: Insights from the Chicxulub Crater by Dr Auriol Rae ONLINE
April 14 – CBKA talk Wasps: so much to love about them – a talk by Gavin Broad ONLINE
April 15 – CNHS Council – ONLINE
April 18 – CFG excursion, Eddington – SUBJECT TO GOVERNMENT ADVICE. NUMBERS LIMITED. Must book
April 21 – CBKA talk The Garden Jungle: how to save our insects – a talk by Dave Goulson ONLINE
April 26 – CWT talk 300 years of fieldwork: the plants of Cambridgeshire & the World in 1 room! by Lauren Gardiner ONLINE
May 4 – CFG excursion, Kings Dyke – NUMBERS LIMITED. Must book.
May 10 – CGS talk Geological mapping of the core-mantle boundary: Unravelling the mysteries of the deep Earth ONLINE
May 13 – Nature and mental wellbeing – Building a better chemistry culture ONLINE See
May 20 – CNHS field study, Trumpington Meadows
May 20 – WT talk An Evening with Adam Frost – My Passion for Gardening ONLINE
May 22 – BSBI beginners’ meeting, Trumpington Meadows
May 23 – FoLM amphibian & reptile survey Logan’s Meadow 10 – 1
May 23 – CFG excursion, Accordia
May 24 – CWT talk Can biodiversity make children happy? by Kate Howlett ONLINE
May 25 – RC webinar Pennywort Alert ONLINE
June 2 – CBKA talk The craft of bee-hunting by Dr Tom Seeley ONLINE
June 8 – World Oceans Day
June 10 – Biomimicry Workshop SEE
June 14 – CGS talk Île De La Réunion: Pitons, Cirques, Ramparts and Volcanoes by Dr Sanne Cottaar ONLINE
June 15 – CFG excursion, Guided Busway
June 17 – WT talk The Climate: The Landscape: The Future – The Great Fen response to a changing climate ONLINE
June 24 – CNHS field study, Trumpington Meadows
June 28 – CGS talk Arabian Adventures: geological mapping in the United Arab Emirates
June 29 – CFG excursion, TO BE CONFIRMED
July 4 – CFG excursion, Litlington Parish Pit
July 14 – CBKA talk Cornwall: changing the scene for pollinators and people by Juliet Osborne ONLINE
July 22 – CNHS field study, Trumpington Meadows
July 24 – CGS excursion, Giant’s Grave and East Pit, Cherry Hinton
July 28 – CBKA talk Wild Honeybees by Daniel du Gard ONLINE
August 1 – CNHS excursion, Wandlebury, Cambridge
August 13 – CGS excursion, Nine Wells, Cambridge
August 14 – CFG excursion, Sawston Hall
August 22 – CNHS field study, Trumpington Meadows
September 11 – CFG excursion, Foul Anchor
September 11 – CGS excursion, Building stones of Cambridge
September 18 – BSBI Cotoneasters, Cherry Hinton
September 26 – CNHS field study, Trumpington Meadows (Lichens & galls)
October 6 – CGS excursion Fen Edge walk from Swaffham Bulbeck to Reach
October 7 – CNHS talk: The future of nature conservation and the Wildlife Trusts’ 30:30:30 vision Brian Eversham
October 9 – CFG excursion, Soham
October 9 – WT BCN AGM
October 12 – Froglife talk: Wildlife gardening for amphibians, reptiles and more
October 13 – WT Bedford group talk: Six legs good, more legs better Brian Eversham
October 14 – CNHS talk: Trees for Streets Simon Linstead
October 14 – HFFS talk: Air Pollution and its Effects on Wildlife – the Answer is Blowing in the Wind Gordon Wyatt
October 14 – WT talk: An Evening with Dave Goulson – Saving our Insects
October 16 – CNHS fungal foray: Botanic Garden (booking essential)
October 17 – CNHS field study: Trumpington Meadows (fungi)
October 21 – CNHS talk: Restoring habitat for the Iberian lynx Harriet Allen
October 24 – Pictures from the edge of the world Chris Packham; Cambridge Arts Theatre
October 23-30 Cambridge Drawing Society Annual Exhibition Details on their website
October 25 – WT talk:The natural history of the Dingy Skipper butterfly Keira Wingader
October 28 – CNHS talk: a choice of talks! Jonathan Shanklin
November 4 – CNHS talk: Biodiversity of the Hobson’s Brook Corridor by Dr Steve Boreham
November 11 – CNHS talk: Chemical warfare (and co-operation) in the garden by Gwenda Kyd
November 16 – WT talk: A Year in the Life of a Monitoring & Research Officer Henry Stanier
November 17 – Froglife webinar Transforming lives through nature, sound and vision see
November 18 – CNHS talk: A Trillion Trees – A trillion reasons to thrive! by April Bagwill
November 18 – CVF River Action Update

November 25 – CNHS NatHistFest ONLINE LAUNCH with talks
November 28-29 – Cathy Parker Open Studio
November 28 – CNHS field study: Trumpington Meadows (Bryophytes)
November 29 – WT talk: Stonechat research at the Great Fen Henry Stanier

December 1 – BSBI talk Charles Plumier & the cacti of Haiti by Paul Hoxey
December 2 – CNHS talk: The Convention on Biodiversity and Conservation in the Caribbean by Ellie Devenish-Nelson and Howard Nelson