Past Events 2019

See current diary for list of abbreviations

January 1 – CNHS field study, Cherry Hinton
January 10 – CNHS Council meeting
January 12 – CBG excursion to Monks Wood
January 13 – Wassail at Trumpington Community Orchard
January 14 – CGS talk, Peter Adamson on Ediacaran microfossils
January 24 – CBKA talk, Laura Fox & Vicky Wilkins on Bringing back the buzz
January 26 – CUNS bird walk from Paradise to Grantchester, 11am
January 27 – CBG excursion to Scales Park (TL4133)
January 26 – 28 – RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch
January 28 – CWT talk, Peter Green on Wicken Fen, and AGM
January 29 – Launch of The Life Map at the DAB
February 7 – CNHS talk, Leah Fitzpatrick on Venom
February 9 – CBG excursion to Whittlesford
February 11 – CGS talk, Steve Thompson on Close encounters of the third (geological) kind.
February 14 – CNHS talk, Chris Heron on Cheetah conservation in Namibia
February 21 – CNHS talk, Greg Packman on Hyde Park: A history through trees
February 24 – CBG excursion to Hildersham Hall
February 25 – CWT talk, Managing reserves for tomorrows climate
March 3 – CNHS field study, Cherry Hinton
March 7 – CNHS talk, Helen Moore on Parasitic plants
March 9 – CBG excursion to Norfolk or Suffolk
March 11 – CGS talk, Matthew Gleeson on The explosive history of the Galapagos Archipelago
March 14 – CNHS talk, Kevin Hand on Creating a wildlife tour with the Arctic Sami
March 16 –  FRRFD AGM and talk, Stephen Tomkins on The River Cam, its history, natural history, present state and possible future
March 21 – CNHS talk, Abigail Burns on Farming for the future: Alternative options for agriculture and conservation
March 11 – 24 – Cambridge Science Festival
March 24 – CBG excursion to Weaveley Wood and Sand Wood
March 24 – CPPF Wandlebury Wildlife
March 25 – CWT talk, Iain Webb on Trumpington Meadows
March 28 – CVF AGM and talk from Chris Gerrard
March 30 – CNHS/CCO concert “Exploring the natural world”
April 4 – CNHS talk, Ulf Buentgen on Tree rings at the interface of archaeology, biology, climatology and ecology
April 6 – CBG excursion to Brinkley and Ditton Park Wood
April 7 – CNHS field study, Cherry Hinton
April 11 – CBKA talk, Jonas Geldmann on Does beekeeping harm our wild pollinators
April 12 – CNHS AGM
April 12 – 13 – CNHS Conversazione
April 16 – CFG excursion to Weston Colville and Lower Wood
April 17 – CCF guided walk at BTO Nunnery Lakes
April 27 – WT Beanpoles and Bluebells at Hayley Wood
April 27 – 28 – Bioblitz in the Botanic Garden
April 28 – CFG excursion to Chatteris
April 29 – CWT talk, Tony Winchester on Welney Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
April 30 – CPPF Wildflowers in Spring at Wandlebury
May 1 – CNHS excursion to the Barnwell Junction Pastures
May 3 – CUNS talk, Doug Allen on wildlife filming in polar regions
May 8 – CNHS field study, Cherry Hinton
May 10 – CBC talk, Umberto Albarella on Wild birds in human history: the archaeological approach
May 10 – CPPF Go bats at Wandlebury
May 12 – CFG excursion to Wilbraham Common
May 18 – CRT Aquatic plants and river flies survey at Birds Farm, 10am
May 18 – Botanic Garden Festival of Plants
May 19 – CCF RSPB Reedbed ramble
May 24 – Butterfly Conservation Wildflower Walk at Castor Hanglands
May 30 – CWT bat walk at Byron’s Pool 9pm
June 4 – CFG excursion to Bottisham Hall
June 5 – CNHS field study, Cherry Hinton
June 7 – 8 – Bioblitz at Clare College sportsground off Bentley Road
June 8 – CFG excursion to RSPB Nene Washes
June 8 – 9 – CPPF Bioblitz at Long Meadow, Coton
June 9 – World Swallowtail Day
June 10 – CGS talk, Martin Evans on Basalt, Beasts and B�ates � geological (and other) stories from the Haute-Loire in the Massif Central
June 11 – CPPF Trees of Wandlebury in summer
June 12 – CWT guided walk round Trumpington Meadows, 7pm
June 13 – CNHS Council meeting
June 14 – CBC visit to Hope Farm, Knapwell
June 19 – CRT botanical survey of hedges, Barton 6pm
June 22 – Zoology Live at the Museum of Zoology
June 22 – Cambridge National Civic Day walk along the Hobson Trail
June 25 – CNHS visit to Wandlebury, 3pm
June 27 – CWT flower walk round East Pit, 7:30pm
July 1 – FoCB AGM and talk by Steve Boreham on Cherry Hinton Brook: A view from the Giant’s Grave
July 3 – CNHS Nature in my neighbourhood walk, 6:30pm
July 5 – Orchard Park bioblitz
July 9 – CPPF Wildflowers in summer at Wandlebury
July 9 – National Meadows Day
July 10 – CNHS field study, Cherry Hinton
July 12 – CBC visit to RSPB Fowlmere
July 13 – CFG excursion to Gamlingay
July 13 – CWT guided walk at Eversden Wood, 1pm
July 16 – Partial lunar eclipse
July 19 – CPPF Moths at Wandlebury
July 25 – CFG excursion along the Guided Busway – postponed
July 25 – CWT glow-worm walk round East Pit, 10:15pm
August 7 – CWT guided walk at Fowlmere, 7pm
August 9 – CBC visit to The biodiversity of the Middle Level
August 9 – CPPF Go bats at Wandlebury
August 11 – CFG excursion to Kingfishers Bridge
August 29 – CWT bat walk at Lammas Land, 8:30pm
September 1 – CFG excursion to Royston
September 3 – CNHS Council Meeting
September 10 – CPPF Wildflowers at Wandlebury in autumn
September 13 – CBC talk, Richard Phillips on Global threats to seabirds: are we the albatrosses around their necks?
September 18 – Froglife meeting at the DAB
September 21 – CFG/BSBI excursion to Cherry Hinton (fully booked)
September 22 – CNHS field study, Cherry Hinton (lichens)
September 26 – 28 – National Moth Night
September 28 – CNHS moth trapping and bat at Logan’s Meadow
September 30 – CWT talk, Tony Martin on Reclaiming South Georgia
October 3 – CNHS talk, Mark Hill on Cambridge’s Natural History – what do we know after three years of NatHistCam
October 5 – Big biology day at Hill’s Road 6th form college
October 9 – RSPB Science Awards and lecture at the DAB
October 10 – CNHS talk, Annette Shelford on (Re-)discovering moths
October 11 – CBC talk, Greg Conway on Bird monitoring and studies in Thetford Forest
October 12 – CBG excursion to Cambridge, Beechwoods
October 14 – CGS talk, David Tappin on Tsunamis
October 17 – CNHS talk, Bob Jarman on Changes: The bird life of Cambridgeshire – for better or for worse
October 21 – CNH seminar, Paul Sampson on The lungs of a ship: labour, medicine and the maritime environment, 1740-1800
October 24 – CNHS talk, Kevin Hand on A lost dog?  Wolves in the highlands of Ethiopia and elsewhere
October 26 – CBG excursion to Alwalton and Chesterton (vc31)
October 27 – CNHS field study, Cherry Hinton (fungi)
October 28 – CNH annual fungus hunt
October 28 – CWT talk, Joeline Hughes on Connecting people to nature: what we know
October 31 – CNHS talk, Abigail Stancliffe-Vaughan on Tasty crafty aliens – Making the best of a bad situation
November 3 – CBG excursion to the Roman Road and Borley Wood
November 4 – CNH seminar, Nathan Smith on It takes a village: the life and legacy of Henry Thomas Soppitt (1858-1899)
November 7 – Linnean Society conference on Alfred Russel Wallace (London)
November 7 – CNHS talk, Jonathan Shanklin on An Astronomer in Antarctica
November 8 – CBC talk, Rob Sheldon on Bird conservation and birding in Bangladesh
November 9 – CNHS fungal foray in the Botanic Garden
November 11 – Transit of Mercury
November 11 – CNH seminar, Matt Holmes on Hybrid or chimera? Reinterpreting the botanical exchange of William Bateson and Erwin Baur
November 11 – Friends of Queens Green AGM and talk by Hugh Johnson on Trees of the Cambridge Backs, 6:45pm Queens
November 11 – CGS talk, Owen Weller on The geology of Baffin Island, Arctic Canada
November 18 – CNH seminar, Joanne Green on ‘We the tormentors, the destroyers’: death, emotions and gender in entomology
November 19 – CCF/CVF screening of Waterlight
November 21 – CNHS talk, Bob Burton on The short Arctic summer
November 23 – Cambridgeshire Lichen Group visit to Wandlebury, 10am
November 23 – CGS conference on Jurassic East
November 24 – CNHS field study, Cherry Hinton (bryophytes)
November 25 – CNH seminar, Leonardo Carrio Cataldi on A magnetic world: understanding the lodestone in the early modern Iberian empires
November 25 – CWT talk, Sharon Hearle on Butterflies in the Brecks
November 28 – CNHS talks – Members enthusiasms
December 2 – CNH seminar, Max Long on Tuning into nature in interwar Britain: the life sciences on film and radio
December 5 – CNHS Seasonal Social
December 7 – CBG excursion to Chippenham (Park and church)
December 9 – CGS talk, Paul Rodhouse on The effect of mass extinctions on Cephalopods
December 13 – CBC Christmas social and short talks by club members
December 28 – CBG excursion to Fenland
See current diary for list of abbreviations