Coton Countryside Reserve field studies

The project for 2010 involved surveying the fauna and flora of the four monads covering the Coton Countryside Reserve and the neighbouring farm owned by Les Bradford. Our survey records [Updated 2010 September]  include around 370 flowering plants, and a variety of other species.  A report on the 2010 survey was published in Nature in Cambridgeshire in 2011. The monthly reports of the visits are in the Coton Countryside Reserve 2010 Diary.

We returned to the Reserve in 2020 with the new traditional New Year’s Day visit and another in March. Reports of these are in the Coton Countryside Reserve 2020 diary.

Further information about the Reserve from CPPF.   There are a number of open access walks in the area. 

Draft plan of the reserve (opens in new window).
Meeting points – (link opens up a location map):
Coton Footpath (TL416587), at the information centre off the Coton Footpath.
Wheatcases Barn (TL413577), at the information centre by the car park.
Sewage Works (TL412583), on the entrance track.
See the Cambridge Cycling Campaign maps for best routes to get to these places by foot or bike.  Visits will be subject to weather considerations, and they may be cancelled in the event of heavy rain or snow cover.

Please note that as of early November 2020 the foot/cycle bridge over the M11 from Cambridge to Coton is closed until Christmas. Anybody wanting to get to the CCR should choose between crossing the M11 using the footpath from Laundry Farm, crossing on the Madingley Road or continuing as far as the A603 roundabout and taking the Coton Road.

BSBI Record cards: These open in a new window