CNHS Diary 2023

Some events are in-person, some are online. As there may be last-minute changes, checking with the organisers is recommended. There are links in the list of organisations at the end of the diary.

Cambridge Flora Group and CNHS field meetings are subject to whatever guidance is in force. Advance booking may be required for some meetings.

CNHS members will automatically be emailed details and links for CNHS events. To join see our membership page.

There is an email list for advance notification of events, which is open to anyone. Contact mailings [at] to be added to the list. Outlook has started to reject CNHS emails as spam for several members. If you are not receiving our weekly emails it is up to you to check with your service provider and adjust your settings.

If you wish to have your events included in the CNHS Diary please send them to events [at]

January 1 CFG New Year Plant Hunt, Great Kneighton
January 9 CGS An evening of short talks by members – Dr Mike Tuke, Lee Wells, Roger Horton, Penny Coggill, Dr Reg Nicholls
January 11 CPPF Winter Tree Walk at Wandlebury
January 18 CPPF Woodland & Wildlife Walk at Wandlebury
January 19 HFFS talk How hot is that butterfly? Using individual temperature responses to inform species conservationAndrew Bladon
January 30 CWT talk & AGM Habitat restoration and creation Brian Eversham (Zoom)
February 2 CNHS talk 500 years of exhibiting biodiversity: from cabinets of curiosity to interpreting today’s extinction crisis– Mike Maunder In person
February 9 CNHS talk In search of wild tulips Brett Wilson (Zoom)
February 13 CGS Fossil brachiopods shells as outstanding archives of climate in the deep past Dr Claudio Garbelli
February 16 CNHS talk Reconstructing past abrupt climate change in Patagonia Joshua Pike (Zoom)
February 16 HFFS talk Wildlife of Estonia Wilf Powell
February 23 CNHS talk The Cambridge Natural History Society Conversazione Monica Frisch (Zoom)
February 27 CWT talk Citizen science and fungi Nathan Smith (Zoom)
March 2 CNHS talk Moths Matthew Gandy In person
March 9 CNHS talk (Zoom)
March 13 CGS The geology of the Northwest Passage Dr Owen Weller
March 16 CNHS talk Climate stories from yew-trees Tatiana Bebchuk (Zoom)
March 22 CPPF Woodland& Wildlife Walk at Wandlebury
March 22 Museum of Cambridge talk The Future of Historic Landscapes: The Limits to Rewilding (Zoom)
March 23 CNHS talk Lost chalk streams of Cambridge and Newmarket Kevin Hand (Zoom)
March 25 – April 1 Cambridge Drawing Society exhibition Pitt Building
March 25 CFG excursion Fenland churchyards and cemeteries
March 25 HFFS talk & AGM The Great Fen, a future wetland and more – Henry Stanier
March 26 CNHS field studies Great Kneighton
March 27 CWT talk Has spring sprung? Tim Sparks (Zoom)
March 30 CNHS talk Cool as a caterpillar Esme Ashe-Jepson (Zoom)
March 30 Friends of the Cam talk Bill McGuire (book via Eventbrite)
April 4 CBKA talk From roundup to rare moths, green deserts to urban oases Ben Greig
April 14 & 15 CNHS Conversazione & NatHistFest in person
April 15 CBKA Hybrid one-day seminar Healthy bees and happy beekeepers, suitable for non-beekeepers
April 19 -23 Cambridge Literary Festival talks include environmental topics
April 24 CWT talk Palaeoecology Jason Head (CANCELLED)
April 25 CFG Kennett area – note change of date
April 30 CNHS field studies Great Kneighton
May 16 CFG Guided Busway
May 25 CNHS field studies Great Kneighton
May 27 BSBI meeting Hobson’s Park (booking required)
June 2 Hobson’s Conduit Trust Bioblitz 5 – 11 p.m.
June 3 Hobson’s Conduit Trust Bioblitz 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
June 7 CFG Devil’s Ditch (to be confirmed)
June 15 CNHS visit Magog Down
June 17 Cambridge City Council grassland restoration trials walk
June 26 CWT walk East Pit chalk grassland flowers
June 29 CNHS field studies Great Kneighton
July 1 CFG Hauxton Pits
July 1 Histon and Impington Community Orchard wildlife morning
July 7 National Trust White Fen & Norman Moore Pond BioBlitz
July 14 – Aug 6 Big Butterfly Count
July 27 CNHS field studies Great Kneighton
July 29 CFG Ten Wood
July 31 CWT walk Glow-worms at East Pit
August 11 Earthwatch Tiny Forest Community Event
August 15 CFG Hope Farm
August 27 CNHS field studies Great Kneighton
August 28 CWT walk Bat walk at Paradise Nature Reserve
September 10 – CFG Wicken Fen
September 24 – CNHS field studies (lichens & galls)
September 25 – CWT talk Agricultural biodiversity around Nine Wells John Meed CANCELLED
September 30 – CFG Shingay
October 12 – CNHS talk (in person) Swallowtails – Keeping them safe at home and abroad Mark Collins
October 14 – CNHS fungal foray, CUBG booking required
October 14 – Big Biology Day 2023 Hills Road Sixth Form College
October 15 – CNHS field studies (fungi)
October 19 – CNHS zoom talk Pete Exley (RSPB)
October 25 – Cambridge Film Festival “Pure Clean Water”
October 26 – Cambridge Film Festival “Pure Clean Water”
October 26 – CNHS talk (in person) Trees on farms: investigating the conservation benefits of agroforestry Will Simonson
October 30 – CWT talk
November 2 – CNHS zoom talk The Climate Crisis and atolls in the South Pacific Liam Saddington
November 5 – CNHS field studies (bryophytes)
November 9 – CNHS talk (in person) Guy Belcher
November 15 – South East Cambridgeshire Badger Group 2023 AGM
November 16 – CNHS talk (zoom talk) Fieldwork: a dendrochronologist’s perspective of science, life and adventure Paul Krusic
November 18 – Literary Festival talk Charles Foster & Mark Cocker with Helen Macdonald Life on Earth
November 19 – Literary Festival talk Marchelle Farrell & Alice Vincent Finding Home in an English Garden
November 19 – Newmarket Chalk Stream Walk & Talk Kevin Hand Details & tickets on Eventbrite
November 20 – December 1 – Theatre of Insects: Entomology in Queens Old Library exhibition
November 23 – CNHS talk (in person) The health of the Cam Stephen Tomkins
November 27 – CWT talk
November 29 – Friends of the Cam talk Rights of Nature for Antarctica – unique challenges and promises Tickets free from Eventbrite
November 30 – CNHS zoom talk Biodiversity and geology in Peru Morag Hunter
December 7 – CNHS social David Attenborough Building 6:30 – 8:30 Tickets £10 to include refreshments
December 11 – CGS talk Introduction to the geology of the chalk springs and chalk streams of Cambridgeshire Steve Boreham 7:30 St Andrews Centre, Histon
December 13 – Friends of the Cam film Pure Clean Water 6:30 Tickets free, from Eventbrite

Abbreviations, with links to the organisations’ websites where details of events can be found: ARUWS – Anglia Ruskin University Wildlife Society
BDS – British Dragonfly Society
BSBI – Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland
CBG –  Cambridge Bryological Group
CBC – Cambridgeshire Bird Club
CBKA – Cambridgeshire Beekeepers’ Association
CCF – Cambridge Conservation Forum
CFG – Cambridgeshire Flora Group.  Meetings mostly start at 10am
CGS – Cambridgeshire Geological Society
CLG – Cambridge Lichen Group – contact Louise Bacon.
CNH – Cabinet of Natural History seminars
CPERC – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Environmental Records Centre
CPPF – Cambridge Past, Present & Future  Booking is usually required
CPS – Cambridge Philosophical Society
CUMS – CU Mycological Society
CUNS – CU Nature Society
CUWCS – CU Wildlife Conservation Society
CUPS – CU Physics Society  
CUSS – Cambridge University Scientific Society
CUVZS – CU Veterinary  Zoological  Society.
CVF – Cam Valley Forum
CWT – Cambridge city group of the Wildlife Trust
FoLM –Friends of Logans Meadow
FRRFD – Friends of the Roman Road and Fleam Dyke
FoCB – Friends of Cherry Hinton Brook
FoSC – Friends of Stourbridge Common
Froglife – Froglife
HFFS – Hunts Flora and Fauna Society
SCFG – South Cambs Fungus Group
RC – Rivercare
RSPB – Cambridge RSPB local group
SHNH – Society for the History of Natural History
TC – Transition Cambridge
WT – other Wildlife Trust events