Trumpington Meadows Field Studies

Trumpington Meadows 2021 field study

Our study area for 2021 is Trumpington Meadows Country Park , which is largely open countryside with areas sown with wild-flower mix, some remaining natural areas and some arable areas. The plan for the Park is shown on this map [opens in a new window].

Dates for 2021 visits are in the diary but meeting places have not yet been finalised. Please sign up to our email list for advance notification of events, which is open to anyone. Contact webmaster [at] to be added to the list. Please make sure that your spam filter (yahoo email addresses in particular) does not reject the messages.

Visits will be subject to weather considerations, and they may be cancelled in the event of heavy rain or snow cover.

Trumpington Meadows 2012 field study

The 2012 CNHS study area centred on this area and recorded in monads TL4254, 4354, 4454, 4253, 4353, 4453, 4252 and 4352. The area includes arable fields, water meadows, the River Cam, road verges, tracks, Byron’s Pool LNR, coprolite pits and a relict section of old railway.  Few Cambridgeshire rare plants have been recorded from the area, though in the last 50 years or so Cornflower Centaurea cyanus, Sharp-leaved Rush Juncus acutiflorus, Changing Forget-me-not Myosotis discolor and Cut-leaved Self-heal Prunella laciniata have been seen.  New additions (excluding many sown species) include Small-flowered Fumitory Fumaria parviflora (VU), Prickly Poppy Papaver argemone (VU).

The meeting points were A) The pond at Trumpington Park and Ride TL44075415, B) The bridge at Hauxton Mill (meet on west side of A10) TL43135272, C) Byron’s Pool LNR car park TL43825483; at 2pm unless noted otherwise.

The report of the field studies was published in Nature in Cambridgeshire and is available here. The reports of the more-or-less monthly surveys are in Trumpington Meadows 2012 field study.

TL4252 – A small corner of the square lies within the Country Park.
TL4253 – A few small meanders of the Cam come within the square.
TL4254 – A small plantation and some water meadow lies within the square.
TL4352 – A small area at the south end of the Country Park, which is part arable and part water meadow lies within the square.
TL4353 – A large part of the site, including arable fields, water meadows, the River Cam, road verges, tracks, and Coprolite Pits are included.
TL4354 – The other major square, which includes arable fields, water meadows, the River Cam, tracks, Byron’s Pool LNR and a relict section of old railway.
TL4453 – A small section with arable field and road verge.
TL4454 – The major area of the development (which we did not visit), some bits of the Park, and the Park & Ride.