The Golden Hoverfly Callicera Spinolae

Rhona Watson

An old tree covered in Ivy fell down in February 2020 at Jesus College, Cambridge.

In September 2020 when searching for Ivy-bees I saw a large yellow hoverfly flitting around the ivy.

I managed enough photos of this hover for the Hoverfly experts to identify it as the Golden Hoverfly Callicera-Spinolae. It has yellow fur, white tips to the antennae and yellow legs.

It is a UKBAP priority species. Approximately two are seen in the UK every year. GBIF has only 122 records since 1844. The worldwide stronghold is East Anglia.

The larvae live in rot holes usually in ancient woodland until the adult emerges in September.

The Holy Grail of hoverfly recorders in East Anglia. The adult is usually found on ivy and so it is always worth checking your ivy in autumn for this species.