More on reforestation

Following April Bagwill’s talk about the Trillion Trees project I had a look at their website, which has lots of information. You can download their Impact Report 2016-2020 which says “Since 2016, Trillion Trees partners have been supporting the protection of more than 18.3 billion trees, and the restoration of over 1.8 billion.” This shows all of the countries where the three partners are working in forests, but the website only shows a select few that the partners want to focus on for fundraising in the next year.

April has also provided links to some more resources:

ReportĀ and interactive map on the Deforestation Fronts

Other interesting forest maps on their website.

For successful restoration of natural forests Trillion Trees recommends organisations follow the IUCN’s principles for Forest Landscape Restoration, or similarly the 10 GoldenĀ Rules of Forest Restoration.

She notes that what Trillion Trees find is that many tree-planting organisations are just concerned with getting trees in the ground, but might not make sure they survive to grow to have biodiversity and climate impacts they claim. They will be publishing an online tool in January to help people/investors decide which tree planting and forest restoration bodies to support. April describes this as a “sort of a walk-through scoring tool to provide questions to ask of an organisation or to consider to determine if their projects are just about getting trees in the ground, or if they are trying to improve biodiversity, climate and social opportunities in the long term”. Sounds useful, given how many organisations are happy to plant trees if you pay them.