How to save the Cam 9 Feb

On Tuesday 9 February 2021 at 6pm-7:30pm, Kim Wilkie, widely regarded as one of the UK’s top landscape architects, will talk about a landscape strategy for protecting a river and lead a community debate, hosted by The Friends of the River Cam, on how to protect the Cam and keep its tributaries and supporting ecosystems healthy.

Cows at Sheep’s Green, by the Cam (photo taken by Tom Turner)

Kim is a prolific landscape architect who works on large-scale projects in the UK and internationally, in both public and private spaces. He works on a scale that is beyond the experience of most designers, for example, designing the green spaces around an entire new city in Oman, he was working with the architects and deciding where the buildings would go.

He worked with local communities to develop the Thames Landscape Strategy, Hampton to Kew, that set out to celebrate and understand the exceptional character of the Thames and create a 100 year strategic vision for the river corridor that would stand the test of time. How can we do the same thing for the Cam?

To join the event, use the link below: